Latest publications

Title Summary Date
Surveying livelihoods, service delivery and governance - baseline evidence from Uganda
Dyan Mazurana, Anastasia Marshak, Jimmy Hilton Opio and Rachel Gordon
forthcoming 09/04/2014
Developing state capacity to prevent malnutrition in Sierra Leone: An analysis of development partner support
Lisa Denney, Mohammad Jalloh, Richard Mallett, Samuel Pratt and Melrose Tucker
This report seeks to understand whether efforts to build government capacity to prevent malnutrition are ‘fit for purpose’, given the constraints faced and what is known about supporting capacity. 07/03/2014
In the eye of the storm: An analysis of internal conflict in South Sudan’s Jonglei State
Rachel Gordon
This working paper aims to shed light on the conflict dynamics of one of the country’s poorest and least-analysed states in South Sudan – Jonglei – through the post-Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and independence period, leading up to the present crisis. 06/03/2014
Global survey synthesis report
Forthcoming 24/01/2014
Resettlement of conflict-induced IDPs in Sri Lanka
Chamindry Saparamadu and Aftab Lall
This working paper aims to understand the various dynamics of state policy and practice with regard to resettlement of conflict-induced IDPs in Northern Sri Lanka through a political economy lens. 13/01/2014
How to do a rigorous, evidence-focused literature review in international development: a guidance note
Jessica Hagen-Zanker Richard Mallett
Building on previous reflections on the utility of systematic reviews in international development research, this paper describes an approach to carrying out a literature review that adheres to some of the core principles of ‘full’ systematic reviews, but that also contains space within the process for innovation and reflexivity. 16/10/2013
Evidence Brief: Taxation and livelihoods - A review of the evidence from fragile and conflict affected rural areas
Oliver Lough, Richard Mallett and Paul Harvey
This evidence brief provides an overview of the evidence base when exploring the relationship between taxation and livelihoods in conflict affected situations. 11/10/2013
Funds for Peace? Examining the Transformative Potential of Social Funds
Richard Mallett and Rachel Slater
Social funds and large-scale community driven development (CDD) programmes are a popular policy instrument in post-conflict situations. However, part of their popularity can also be explained by claims that social funds and CDD programmes have the (transformative) potential to generate impacts beyond meeting basic needs, such as creating more peaceful societies at the local level and promoting trust in government. Drawing on a rigorous, evidence focused literature review, this practice note assesses the performance of 13 programmes against a set of impact indicators. 26/09/2013
Taxation and livelihoods: A review of the evidence from fragile and conflict affected rural areas
Oliver Lough, Richard Mallett and Paul Harvey
Through a selective review of key literature, we argue in this paper that if we are truly interested in the relationships between taxation and livelihoods, then an exclusive focus on formal taxation is inadequate. 27/06/2013
Growth and livelihoods in conflict-affected situations: what do we know?
Richard Mallett and Rachel Slater
This briefing paper summarises the findings of a working paper exploring the evidence on growth, economic activity and livelihoods in fragile and conflict-affected situations. 04/12/2012