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16 September 2014
In June, as part of a two-year study into state capacity and malnutrition, SLRC spent some time in northern Sierra Leone interviewing communities about the social causes of malnutrition.
05 August 2014
Daily life in Kabul goes on despite the chronic insecurity and uncertainty people face. Rich Mallett discovers a vibrant part of Kabul in the city’s tailoring sector.
05 August 2014
Hundreds of people have died of Ebola. SLRC Sierra Leone Research Programme Leader, Lisa Denney, has been telling the UK media about gaps she has seen in Sierra Leone's health services.
22 July 2014
This month SLRC Sierra Leone research lead, Lisa Denney, looks at the current Ebola outbreak and argues that though prevention might be better than cure, it is much harder to build capacity to do this.
02 July 2014
We share with you the analytical framework we are using to measure state capacity in Sierra Leone with regards to malnutrition, and Richard Mallett has written a blog to help clarify what we mean by "capacity" in international development.
01 July 2014
What are people's perceptions of livelihoods support, basic services, economic opportunities, and governance when living in conflict-affected states?
26 June 2014
SLRC researcher, Ashley Jackson reflects on this weekend’s voting activities in Afghanistan and calls on the international community to ensure that the results are legitimate and don’t drive Afghanistan deeper into conflict.
02 April 2014
When the troops leave, Afghanistan's small businesses face an uncertain future. Richard Mallett examines their plight and what foreign aid donors can do to better support livelihoods in rapidly changing economies.
01 April 2014
2004 World Development Report Conference (WDR2004): Derick Brinkerhoff (RTI International), Paul Collier (Oxford University), Jacob Shapiro (Princeton University), Rachel Slater (SLRC) and Chair, Alan Whaites (OECD) discuss what the trade-offs are when attempting to deliver services and build institutions in fragile states.
18 March 2014
Over a decade since the civil war officially ended in Sierra Leone, malnutrition still remains a serious problem, with the country ranked among the five states with the highest global hunger index score in 2009. Our recently published report suggests that persistent constraints in resources, skills and knowledge, and lack of political engagement are undermining the state’s capability to prevent malnutrition.