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23 September 2015
As Ebola still continues to claim lives in Sierra Leone, SLRC examines the contribution that a smarter model of capacity building could offer to the health crisis debate
22 September 2015
Paul Harvey, SLRC CEO, and Priyanthi Fernando, SLRC Research Uptake Director, are to participate in the IDS conference, Challenges for reducing armed violence: towards effective development responses
22 July 2015
SLRC Research Director Rachel Slater presented as part of the Governing by Crisis panel at the sixth European Conference on African Studies in July
09 April 2015
The Ebola outbreak that has ravaged West Africa has likely had huge impacts on the countries affected. Lisa Denney asks whether we really know what these are yet?
18 December 2014
In Nepal, the Old Age Allowance is an essential lifeline for the elderly, but a series of constraints in its design and implementation are limiting its effectiveness in practice. This research looks at what should be done to further improve the effectiveness of the programme.
12 November 2014
Richard Mallett offers his reflections on the recently published Independent Commission for Aid Impact report and explains why shifting the focus from the macro-level to how people live on a day-to-day basis can help us understand how livelihoods actually work.
27 October 2014
Jessica Hagen-Zanker on why household surveys are invaluable for monitoring the “big picture” of development.
07 October 2014
We have just published a series of papers looking at the breakdown of post-conflict mechanisms in South Sudan; past and present humanitarian operations; and people's perceptions of their former livelihoods, access to basic services and governance in Pibor County.
02 October 2014
The economic returns of foreign employment come at a massive financial and physical cost for Nepalese and Pakistani migrants, according to our new research.
16 September 2014
In June, as part of a two-year study into state capacity and malnutrition, SLRC spent some time in northern Sierra Leone interviewing communities about the social causes of malnutrition.